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Usability Solutions

What we know saves you money

We have been accumulating knowledge of roll forming since the 1980’s and aim to incorporate this expertise into our business model, our product development process and the Formia Usability concept. In other words: we aim to create tangible added value for our customers with our Usability concept by solving their problems.

Our expertise often contains information that our customers need in order to fully utilize their production facilities or the related information technology. On the other hand, to be able to fully utilize our expertise, we need to cooperate very closely with our customers. This cooperation needs to be bilateral, genuine and open.

In the future, we want to focus even more on customer-specific, customized, long-term projects. These projects make machine development, testing, troubleshooting and finding alternative procedures possible, and produce the very best result.

The Formia Usability concept is based on a Usability plan that we create with the customer. The plan states jointly agreed targets for removing bottlenecks and ensuring maximal usability of production facilities, while new line and production management systems (AMS and Eclipse) improve follow-up / analysis and productivity.