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Successful Fourth Quarter 2009 for Formia's Rollforming Business Unit

Formia Vesme Oy in Kauhajoki, the affiliate of Formia Technology Group Oy, has signed several supply contracts for rollforming lines and a supplemental delivery of sandwich panel line in the fourth quarter of year 2009. Value of these contracts is over 2.5 million euros and the deliveries will be made to Russia, Denmark and Ukraine during spring 2010.

The supply contracts include manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete rollforming lines for the production of metallic roofing and/or cladding profiles. Supplemental delivery will be made to an existing mineral wool sandwich panel line. All the lines and equipment will be delivered to the forefront companies in their field in steel construction industry.   

"Based on the fourth quarter of the year, it clearly seems like our rollforming unit's business is recovering. Obviously productional investments, that have been postponed due to recent economical unsecurity, are slowly being realized in the steel construction industry. This is a positive signal to our business unit manufacturing machinery for this sector ", states Kari Anttila, the Business Unit Director of Formia Vesme.    


Business Unit Director Kari Anttila, Formia Vesme Oy, mobile phone +358 (0)207 570 463, kari.anttila(at)