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Lively Metal Expo exhibition reflected increasingly vivid investment spirit in the CIS area

After a couple of years of slowdown, it was really nice to notice at Metal Expo, that besides of increasing business activity, the growing local production results in increasing investments on the CIS market.

We also got further confirmation on the fact, that our clients expect to have reliable and productive rollforming lines, that Formia particularly offers.

Ask for our offer for your specific requirements!

The Best rollforming solutions at your disposal

Formia's regular customer satisfaction has again been evidenced by signing plenty of rollforming line contracts this fall. Our customers expect to have reliable technology and productivity, and this is what Formia lines offer!

Our major roll tooling and press/cutting tool expertise is especially noticed with the tile lines. For example new profile designs have been implemented with solid experience, in one pass. Quality tile lines are offered affordably.

Special interest has been shown in trapezoidal lines for high bearing profiles. We build these lines for the demanding, industrial production. The rollforming section is optimized for smooth line operation and for easy adjustment to various raw materials and material thicknesses.

Also comprehensive sandwich panel lines are offered for the production of polyurethane and/or mineral wool panels.

After-sales, maintenance and technology services are carried out reliably and efficently, as we know exactly what we are doing!

Renewed website

Please explore our renewed website at the new address: www.formiasmartflow.com

The Formia companies have a common slogan, Smart Flow, which is also our common mission. We aim to produce smart solutions for our customers at all times.

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