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Smart Sheet Metal Solutions for the Steel Construction Industry and Postal Sector

Formia Smart Flow Oy is an internationally operating company, supplying rollforming solutions for the construction industry, and sorting system modules for the postal sector.  Formia is one of the most innovative companies in its field in Europe and the CIS countries. Formia's key products for the steel construction industry consist of rollforming lines as well as usabililty solutions including control systems, production management and after sales services. The key products for the postal sector consist of sorting stations and chutes enabling automatic or semi-automatic packaging of bundles and parcels. Postal sorting systems are implemented together with system integrator partners.

Key rollforming clients include Rautaruukki Oyj in Finland, Metall Profil in Russia, TPK in the Ukraine and Budmat in Poland. Key postal sector clients are Finnish Itella and Dutch Vanderlande Industries.