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Sandwich Panel Lines

For the continuous production of insulation panels, we supply reliable and flexible sandwich panel manufacturing lines or their subassemblies, designed and automated in accordance with the customers' needs. As an insulation material, either mineral wool, polyurethane or with a Combi line solution both can be used. Top design and long-standing panel production know-how is combined in the lines for superior functionality.

The investment cost of wool-based lines is usually lower, but you can normally run PUR/PIR lines at higher production speed. The line speed is mainly affected by the press length, wool processing and gluing technology.

General Specifications

The following specification is included to describe the components of a good and reliable insulation panel manufacturing line. Customer specific needs and desires are considered when implementing each project.

  • Coil cars and decoilers must have capacity for at least 7.5 ton coils, because painted steel is normally delivered in 7.5 ton coils at the maximum. Double equipment is normally required above and below the line (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Cutters, sometimes also side cutters, are required (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Sheet metal joining equipment (e.g. crimped joint) (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Protective film (MW and PUR/PIR) 
  • Guides and control tables, feeding tables and loops (MW and PUR/PIR) 
  • Corona equipment (recommended especially in PUR/PIR lines)
  • Surface profiling (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Edge profiling (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Strip heaters (PUR/PIR)
  • Wool cutting and feeding equipment (MW)
  • Glue and/or foam spreading equipment for the  bottom surface (MW and PUR/PIR) 
  • Glue spreading equipment for wool of top plate (MW)
  • Double Belt Conveyor (continuous lines) or discontinuous press (PUR/PIR, MW) 
  • Press side blocks for continuous lines(PUR/PIR)
  • Band saw or disk saw (e.g.  For overlapping roof (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Conveyors (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Joint piece removal device (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Curing station (PUR/PIR); Required for over 100 mm thick panels
  • A tonguing cutter for thick refrigerating room panels (PUR/PIR)
  • Stackers (incl. turning equipment) (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Packing lines with wrappers (MW and PUR/PIR)
  • Warm warehousing for a couple of days' production to ensure good quality (PUR/PIR)
  • Controls
  • Production planning systems
  • Chemical tanks, pipelines, measurement equipment, temperature control and dosing feeders
  • Shielded enclosures and equipment, dust exhaust system, gas removal etc.