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Rollforming Lines for Trapez Profile

Formia Trapez lines are designed for the demanding, industrial production of trapezoidal, sinus and various design/architectural profile. The forming sequence in the rollforming section is optimized, which enables smooth line operation, easy adjustment to various raw materials and thicknesses, and minimal wear and tear in rolls. No tensions are left in the profile after rollforming and high dimensional accuracy makes the ready surface completely straight and flat.

We offer two rollforming line choices, which can be equipped with a fixed or flying cutter, to meet your production requirements:

Formia Trapez SingleTM line is for single profile manufacturing, with a profiling speed of up to 60 m/min.

Formia Trapez CassetteTM line can produce a range of different profiles on the same line and also has a profiling speed of up tp 60 m/minute.