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Rollforming lines for Tile Profile

Comprehensive product family

Thanks to their speed and end-product quality, Formia tile lines are top of the industry. Roof installation is easy and accurate, because each step and profile has the same dimensions. Also our lines give a fully sealed, bulge-free overlap, for tighter roofing. There are four rollforming line options for the production of tile profiles available:

Formia Tile TwinTM line utilizes servo technology and a twin press, reaching an outstanding profiling speed of 16 m/minute.

Formia Tile SingleTM line is based on a tile machine with one press and has a profiling speed of 9 m/minute.

Formia Tile BasicTM line is an affordable, yet high-quality solution for reasonable production capacity needs, with 4-5 m/min profiling speed.

Formia Tile UniversalTM line can produce variable products with an integrated press cutter, and has a profiling speed of 9 m/minute.